We are Talos Risk Management,
your security and risk management solution

Talos are a modern professional security and risk management company operating throughout the UK.

We consistently provide clients with a service that exceeds expectations in quality, effectiveness, customer service and value for money.

Our consultants can work with you to develop effective security, risk management and loss prevention strategies and solutions, bespoke to your individual needs.

All our personnel are trained to SIA standards and licensed accordingly. We only use operatives with a proven track record and who demonstrate the highest of standards.

Whether you require discreet, low profile protection, visible security guards or something in between, we can provide you with a professional, cost effective solution, tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

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Our Services

Executive and Close Protection

We only use operatives who have the experience and personal qualities to suit your requirements

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Asset Guarding and Protection

Highly trained and professional operatives protecting your assets and equipment from theft, disruption or damage

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Event and Venue Security

Our professional and helpful approach will help make sure everything runs smoothly and without incident

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What our clients say

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